• Locrian Manor is no longer together as it's members have gone their separate ways. Please enjoy the free music in the music section. The band can still be reached at booking@locrianmanor.com for any inquiries. Thank you!!

    Locrian Manor

  • Band Biography

    Locrian Manor was formed in 2011 when guitarists Jonathan Sterling and Bruce Bonebrake II (previously of Templit and Two Iron Fists) joined forces with vocalist Donnie Myatt (Grain of Sand). Not long after the trio started working together, they picked up drummer Butch Coplin (Swordsman) and started performing in the St. Louis area. A few shows later, bassist Joseph Rather joined to complete the line-up.

  • Jonathan Sterling

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  • Bruce Bonebrake

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  • Donnie Myatt

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  • Butch Coplin

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  • Joseph Rather

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  • Music

    In Chaotic Intervals Anticipation


    1. In Chaotic Intervals
    2. Anticipation

  • Contact Info

    Locrian Manor can still be contacted at booking@locrianmanor.com.

    Thank you for stopping by, we hope you enjoyed the tunes!

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